Here is the eighth of 10 insane, but curable mistakes that businesses make with their social media …
and we’ll provide solutions to modify your process so you can CRUSH IT instantly.


Why even have an account on SOCIAL media if you don’t want people to be SOCIAL? Ever come across a Twitter account that is “PRIVATE” and it’s for a business? That’s counterproductive. That’s like making your website private and your viewer actually needs your permission to view your products and resources.  Yikes! Who does that!?!

You all know Facebook has a setting that basically silences your community. Fans are not able to post a question or comment. If you are so worried that people will write something negative about you or your brand—then why bother creating an account in the first place? Fix the problem that has you so worried. People will talk with you and about you, you just have to decide whether or not you are going to join the conversation. If someone does post a negative comment, your initial reaction might be to quickly delete it before anyone else sees it. Beware, a consumer who is a bit upset and posts it on your page might simply want to see if you will respond and help fix their situation. (see post, “Someone’s talking about you on Social Media”). That same consumer will become enraged when they discover they are being silenced. See my last post on how to handle feedback on social review sites.

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Your customer doesn’t need to understand your product, they just need to know you understand them.

It’s really simple—people don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.

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