Here is the sixth of 10 insane, but curable mistakes that businesses make with their social media …
and I’ll provide solutions to modify your process so you can CRUSH IT instantly.


Friends and family members who are connected with you on social media sites do so to learn about YOU—not about your business EVERY day. Rest assured, this strategy will make your friends and family hit the “mute” button on your social media.

Trust me when I tell you that they want to hear about your latest “opportunity”—as much as you are looking forward to that next “cold call” from a telemarketer at dinnertime. Capisce? (That’s “do you understand?” in Italian).

Simply connect with people there and remind them that you have great business resources on your business profiles and share that link with them. Feel free to even share your STOREWIDE SALE or FREE drawstring bag with your logo on it—but in moderation—after all, who doesn’t like FREE?

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We’re JC Marketing Communications
and we’d like you to ALWAYS REMEMBER:

Your customer doesn’t need to understand your product, they just need to know you understand them.

It’s really simple—people don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.

Be on the lookout for the remaining four tips in the coming days!