Here is the third of 10 insane, but curable mistakes that businesses make with their social media …
and I’ll provide solutions to modify your process so you can get on track instantly.

Remember how excited you were when someone told you it costs NOTHING to create your social media accounts?

Chances are your friend said “You gotta get on Facebook and promote your business—everybody’s doing it! And when you learned it was “FREE” … all the better. But is it really FREE? It might be if your don’t think the time you spend on it isn’t valuable.

To get any real return on investment for your social media activity, you will want to set aside a budget for running customized messages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Instagram.

Oh sure, you probably heard business owners say on Sharktank™ that they didn’t spend any money on marketing and advertising. That’s actually misleading, because when you examine their strategy more closely, you would learn that nearly all of them invested money on Facebook and other outlets promoting their product … therefore, they did spend money on marketing and advertising.

One of the biggest reasons you must have a custom Facebook account for your business is to be able to run very targeted messages that are seen by your specific customer base. When I hear people complaining that Facebook is always trying to get them to pay for their posts to be seen, I ask them if they know what it costs to have a billboard up, embark on a direct mail campaign, or run a series of TV commercials.

Marketing costs should be built into your business plan.

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Happy social media-ing! …
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