Here is the fourth of 10 insane, but curable mistakes that businesses make with their social media …
and I’ll provide solutions to modify your process so you can CRUSH IT instantly.


Connecting visually is one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of your potential buyer. Outlets such as Instagram and Pinterest have us viewing striking photos that titillate and entice viewership! Even LinkedIn is putting more focus on the visual aspect of connectivity.

If you peruse your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ profiles and don’t see boatloads of visual content, you are missing out on the opportunity to have your content noticed by your prospect.

With the sheer volume of content that jets in front of our eyeballs each day, text becomes the “white noise” in-between jawdropping images and mind-bending quotes professionally designed on interesting backgrounds. Steve Jobs made sure you have a great camera on your iPad or iPhone … always be on the lookout & don’t waste an opportunity to capture something insanely great.

Try shooting a relevant photo of a hummingbird outside your window or something cool in your office. Now go get an app or program that allows you to add text across the picture to share with your social audience. Text alone puts your audience to sleep! Why not increase viewership by adding interest with extraordinary visual content?

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Your customer doesn’t need to understand your product, they just need to know you understand them.

It’s really simple—people don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.

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