Today we will talk about positive persistence—and the patient pursuit of your “dream client.”

Sometimes you’ll need to pursue a client for many years before you have the opportunity to bring them on into your fold.

There I said it … many years.

For example, I pursued my “dream client” for six years before my competitor got out of the business. It was then that I was able to be there and immediately fill the void. Suffice it to say, our team elevated my “dream client’s” business almost immediately—mostly because we were very familiar. This client has resulted in millions of dollars in revenue because at present, they have been with our company for many years now. So believe me now and hear me later …

No one should ever say “that you are sharing too much value … you’re providing too much help … or that you care too much.”

Positive persistence is what I call “the longest of long games.” It requires patience where you never give up. Never give in. never go home. You must be positively persistent over the long haul. And like the fictitious “Roadhouse cooler James Dalton” said sincerely … “Just be nice.”

It’s that positive persistence that ultimately pays off. Specifically when there’s a compelling reason for your “dream client” to make a change. You then are the person who has been nurturing the relationship. You are the person that’s been a part of their “mind share” and by giving them ideas, you own “top of mind branding.”

That’s the key to ultimately getting “wallet share.”

Mind share = wallet share.

So be there when something happens and your “dream client” finally needs you … and don’t just rely on chance.

While you patiently wait, you have to have done the work by being known to your “dream client” by positioning yourself as a “value creator.”

So nurture your “dream client” and patiently pursue until you eventually have the opportunity to be their greatest asset.

It’s not easy and it takes a lot of effort on your part. You will probably hear “NO!” more times than you want to.

However, this is what it truly takes to succeed in sales.

I’m Joseph Cekauskas—have a blessed day!